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Services: the meat of our business.  We do everything the IT (aka Information Technology) department does in a huge company but we do it for you, a non-huge company.  Whether you are a small business or a homeowner there are things you need just like the big guys.  They have veritable armies dedicated to every specific niche of IT.  We cram all that different knowledge into the heads of each of our people so they are experts in all areas.  And we don't break the bank helping you get what you need done.  Such a deal! 

The multitude of services TechWorks offers is hard to detail because we basically can do anything you want.  Just ask us to.  We specialize in technology because that is what we specialize in (hmmmm) but we do so much more than that.  We can fix anything and we can make anything better.  We are not kidding. 

You have a problem - we can eliminate it.  It doesn't matter if it is technical in nature or not, we can solve any problem.  If we don't ... you don't owe us a dime.  We just like to work on problems that are super hard to fix.  If you can't solve your own problem we beg you to let us try.  The harder the problem - the harder we work - and the better our solution.  We love solving the unsolvable!  Note: We have never, ever, been stumped.  You name it - we fix it.

TechWorks is a consulting firm focusing on IT support.  Below is a very incomplete list of what we can do for you:

  • Business, home office, or home - we offer support
  • Overall infrastructure appraisal and analysis
  • System infrastructure design and installation
  • Hardware and software specification and acquisition
  • Hardware and software installation and configuration
  • Systems problem resolution and remediation
  • Network design and implementation, wired and wireless
  • Network troubleshooting, security and repair
  • Server acquisition, setup, configuration, maintenance
  • PC/Mac acquisition, setup, configuration, maintenance
  • PC/Mac, network, server troubleshooting and repair
  • Software troubleshooting and repair
  • Database design, creation, and maintenance
  • Data communications design, programming, and support
  • Programming design and implementation
  • License compliance and maintenance
  • Virus, Trojan, Adware, malware, removal and repair
  • Phone system specification, troubleshooting, VOIP, etc.
  • Website design, creation, maintenance, and reporting
  • Flash design work, coding, intros, animations, logos, etc.
  • Printer, plotter, scanner, support and troubleshooting
  • Large format input and output support, troubleshooting
  • Email configuration, installation, setup, troubleshooting
  • Security for networks/PCs/email with antivirus/antiTrojan
  • Critical backup systems, server/PC backup systems
  • AutoDesk products - installation and troubleshooting
  • Microsoft Office support and programming automation
  • Internet access specification and implementation
  • Mobile phone software, configuration, troubleshooting
  • Write applications for various mobile phone platforms
  • On-site support and remote support - often your call
  • Remote backup systems for offsite critical storage
  • Cloud computing platforms for email, applications, etc.
  • Remote access, remote control, VPN, secure access
  • Home office design and implementation, troubleshooting
  • Home automation systems design and implementation
  • Home media and entertainment systems design
  • Video surveillance design, implementation, and support
  • Embedded systems design, programming, and support
  • Microcontroller firmware design and programming
  • Microcontroller based automation and control systems
  • If you need it, we can do it - anything, everything

Microsoft Expression Web ran out of bullets.  We didn't know you could.  We are searching the MS support site right now to see how to reload more bullets. 

Suffice to say TechWorks does IT all.  We're smart people (we are only repeating what we have heard) and we've seen virtually everything at least once.  When we run into something new - we learn it and command it - all in stride. 

We are your one stop IT shop which is great for you.  You don't want or need to have a variety of vendors, because inevitably when you have complicated problems they will just point the finger at each other.  We don't point because our mothers told us it is not polite to point.  We just fix the problems - no matter who causes them - without pointing.  Be certain that we do document the problem and who caused it.

Stem to stern IT support from the best folks in town.  We promise.  Software, hardware, any where, any time.  Just call us.  You'll be glad you did!  We will take care of you and all for a very fair price!

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IT is not easy to find good help on the Internet these days. Want to know why?  Let's imagine that Microsoft releases some new patch which causes some new horrific problem for lots of PC users (I know this can't happen).  Let's imagine you get an error which says "Error Code: 0x0000C6A9".  So you type that exact error message into Google, hit "Enter" to try to find deliverance from your horrific problem.  There are millions of hits thankfully because it is such a common problem.  And look how easy this is!  All you have to do to get rid of it is just download this new free tool and run it.  And your problems are over.  And your arm pits will smell like roses. 

What do they say about free?  Nothing in life is free, You get what you pay for, free as a bird.  It is a generally accepted practice (GAAP) "free" means bad, ESPECIALLY when it relates to computers.  Certainly in this situation it does.

So why would Google offer you up rogue sites that are just dying to have you run their free program that BTW doesn't get rid of the problem but only makes things worse for you?  Because Google doesn't care.  In fact the more hits you get when searching for something the better for Google.  And all I have to do as a hacker is check what errors are the most common and place that error message on my website. Then Google finds it on my page and provides it to you.  The page also says "Fix your error now for free!  Don't wait.  Don't worry.  Download and run our program: bogus.exe". 

So again the biggest problem with the Internet is divining who is legit and who is not.  So unless you know personally that is legitimate it is probably better to skip that site all together.  Don't even look at it.  You can get malware called "DriveBy" simply by looking at an evil site. For real.

So how do you tell who is naughty or nice on the web when you are just searching for answers?  Just search the sites you can trust for the answers instead of the entire Internet.  How?

If you want to have Google search only the Microsoft site for "0000C6A9" then go to Google (yep) and type that text into the search box.  Here is the tricky part...after the 9 put a space and then this: "" 

This is what it will look like:


This only searches the MS site and you won't have to deal with all the garbage or worry about evil hackers.  Except you do because you will still get all of the answers from Microsoft's user communities some of which recommend downloading and running questionable software to fix your issue.

So the last tip of this tip...use these searches one at a time:

just to avoid the evildoers on

Below are the support sites for lots of important companies (the best of them last):