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You can press a shirt, you can press in basketball, you can even press a flower.  But getting press for an IT company?  Come on.  Would you want to read a story about how some geek defragged your hard drive to make it faster?  I thought so.  No one wants to know what technical folks do.  They just want them to do it. 

The more sad truth is no one wants to pay them for it either because, of course, any high school kid today can do it.  Surprisingly we come into contact with lots of high school kids and lots of college kids and lots of young adults that have just graduated.  Know what?  Just as many of them don't know how computers work as the gray hairs.  They know how to "use" them but don't have a clue how to fix them, or how they actually do what they do.  This is just another way in which our educational systems don't stay abreast of changes.  Don't you think all kids should have some knowledge of how a  computer works in this day and age?  How about swapping it with cursive handwriting since no one will ever write in cursive again?


Here is some press you will never see:


Press Releases

  • How to Whiten Your Computers Teeth
    Mother in Orlando discovers simple new treatment
    Easy and simple process brightens your computers teeth up to 2000 percent - without brushing or paste!
  • Exciting New Way to Boot Your Computer
    Don't boot your computer the same old way
    New way to start a computer kicks it up a notch:  Before pressing the power button, stand on your head.
  • Viral Video of Computer Geek Fixing a PC
    Watch this exciting and hysterical video now
    Watch as a computer technician digs through 1000s of pages online to try and resolve a Blue Screen of Death.  See how boring an IT persons life really is right here!  Check the sidebar to the right too - its sick.


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This is marginally related.  Here are a few links to funny things connected to computers.  For example, did you hear the one about the two antennaes that got married?  Picture a terrible wedding but great reception.  It doesn't get any better than that  Unless you follow one of the links here.  Please note the Parental Advisory warning before you click on our favorite "Tech Support".  It contains bad language and is potentially racially insensitive.  Don't say we didn't warn you. And don't look at anything else on illwillpress because some of it is very bad!


Reboot Time - How many hours have you logged watching this?
Ever wonder how much of your life you've wasted watching a computer "boot up"?
Sadly, we have!  Imagine if you rebuild a single XP PC you probably need to reboot it roughly 30 times - more if you use software: |  If each reboot takes 2 minutes (the average) that would mean in a day you might lose 60 minutes.  Say you rebuild an XP PC once a week - nothing else.  That would be 52*60 or 52 hours of your life.  That's like more than two full 24 hour days.  Or more than an entire 40 hour work week omg.  In 10 years you would waste 520 hours - so contemplate 520/24 = 21.666 days of utter useless life waste (note the significance of the evil demonic decimal part of the answer here please).