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Photo Gallery

Here are some fairly random pictures.  Mostly odd stuff - just like the group below : )  

The above are some people we know and love just hanging out at the beach in Indialantic Florida!  The job of creating this website comes with some perks.  Okay one perk: the webmaster (second from left) gets to choose what pictures get put in the photo gallery.  BTW: Before PhotoShop there were two bright yellow shaved ice cups and a big cruise ship in this picture. 

The above, called "The Matrix", is made from four other pictures.  Can you make out what they are?


Below is the same basic picture only faster...which admittedly is not just a little unsettling.



Above: Art from light.  This is actually a picture of sunlight reflecting off of a CD - slightly modified.  Its called 'Flame' because it reminded us of, you guessed it, an old flame.

File:RCA Indian Head test pattern.JPG 

Please Stand By

Antique test pattern for your viewing pleasure! Designed chiefly (we sleigh ourselves) for testing video alignment.  We said these were random pictures didn't we.


This lovely picture was taken from the back yard.  That is a King Sego Palm trying to reach the pink cloud that is trying to reach the moon.  If you look closely you can see the American flag the Apollo astronauts left on the moon.  Really.






Related resources

There are many great sources of free media around.  And by media we mean clipart.  And by clipart we mean pictures, images, drawings, artwork, etc.  Oddly enough here are two of our favorites - simple and royalty free.  Got to like that!

The Microsoft Office programs come with a reasonably good selection of reasonably good clipart.  When you Insert - Picture - Clipart you get a simple search tool that allows you to put in a description of what you are looking for and voila, click on the image you like, it is inserted into your document.  These are free to use (as in Royalty Free).  Just don't try to sell them to people or you violate your license with Microsoft.  They don't like that a bit.

The second option is to go right to the Microsoft Office website to find what you need.  The site is harder to search and use but there is a lot more out there.  Note: Depending on your Office version and your settings you may already be searching the online repository when you search for clipart in your Office program.

The majority of "clipart" sites are not free.  They charge royalty fees for their graphics  typically on a sliding scale based on various factors (like image resolution for example).  This can get pretty expensive.  On the other hand probably not as expensive as creating the clipart yourself.  We sometimes wonder if there exists any content that can't be found on the Internet. NOTE: We just Googled "peanut butter sandwich pierced by an arrow" and couldn't find any representative images - yet!

The above are some of the largest and best known sites for finding stuff.  Albeit mainly pay-for services they also feature some "free" stuff.  Like iStockPhoto offers a free graphic every day.  For instance, today (when we are doing this) the site was featuring a picture of a women with a cup of coffee in her hand.  So if you just happened to need a coffee guzzling woman picture it is your lucky day.  Chances are not good that you will find what you need this way but you could download 1 each day and have over 3651 in under 10 years!

In all cases whenever using a third party source be sure to read the licensing details before you use anything.  With all the freely available images on the Internet why get busted for using illegal copyrighted stuff?

Pay-for sites offer huge databases of images created by professional photographers and designers (sometimes).  Again your cost is based on various attributes like the quality you need, size, how many times you plan to use it, etc. so be careful to read all the gory details.


Note that images on Google and Bing may or may not be free so you need to really research the licensing before cutting and pasting stuff into your own work.  BTW: Don't ever do an image search with kiddies around because morons will put naked people pictures out there with bogus descriptions (like "mountain") so anyone that searches for "mountain" pictures will instead see, well, peaks of a different kind.  Note: one in every four internet searches features "sex" as a search term.  We are certainly not proponents of this use of the Internet but lots of folks obviously are.  Let the searcher beware we always say.

Generally speaking anything on Wikipedia can be freely used.  Thus you can do a Wiki search and find exactly what you want sometimes.  Beware you may find some of the images and media are actually NOT freely distributable so, as always, always read the fine print!

The media here is almost always "reusable", in fact, that is what this part of Wiki is for.  In many cases there are specific restrictions, like having to cite the original creator, but you are free to use it.  At last counting this site had, and I quote:

"a database of 7,728,057 freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute."