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We are low key types.  We like to stay out of the news - especially bad news.  We don't get written about much but other than Bill Gates and Steve Jobs can you recall seeing any press about people in the IT business? 

Top Stories

  • Bill Gates Awards TechWorks Huge Contract
    Award Presentation
    Billionaire Bill Gates awards TechWorks Unlimited a huge opening contract to make Microsoft (their web site at software much better than it is today.  Mr. Gates is quoted as saying  "If only we had done this sooner we would never have released Vista".
  • Steve Jobs Gives TechWorks Major Job
    Award Ceremony
    Apple ( CEO hires TechWorks to make their iPhones be even cooler than they already are.  Mr. Jobs, speaking to reporters beforehand, said "TechWorks can make anything better.  I'm interested in seeing what they can do to enhance our phones.  Already they have added a can opener.  I can't believe I missed that!"

Press Releases

  • TechWorks hires Bill Gates to troubleshoot Macs
  • Steven Jobs gets a real job at TechWorks - Working on PCs
  • TechWorks lands donut on the moon. Houston we have dough problems!
  • Obama taps TechWorks as new IT support for Congress!  TechWorks closes up shop : )