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How many ways can you contact us?  Lots.  But for speed and reliability we like the old fashioned phone.  Our numbers are at the top right of this page.  You can email us of course but we can't guarantee that route. Email can get delayed for hours on a hosed email server (happens a lot with Road Runner in Tampa) or plain go missing (happens so rarely it is amazing). But voice communication is the best when dealing with technical things.  Oddly email is often the worst way to deal with tech problems.

Point: Strange our old phone system is still the most reliable system we have.  Think about it: Press some numbers and nearly instantly you can be talking to someone anywhere in the world.  Phones won't forever be the best route, but for now, call us and we'll get the message!  The number?  Top rightä

Mailing Address

102 East New Haven
Melbourne, FL 32903

We have offices in many locations. The address above is just for mail.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 12AM-12PM
Saturday-Sunday 12AM-12PM

No one knows when hardware or software will fail.  Call us when you need us and we will do our best to respond.  We ask that you be somewhat respectful - like don't call us at 3AM because your dog drooled on your keyboard.  That can wait until 8AM.  Sometimes we are at church - fixing their computers probably.  Rest assured we will contact you as soon as we can.  Most calls are answered in under an hour.  Rare is it when we can't fix what ails you on the same day!

Warning: Just because we can fix things over the phone doesn't mean we won't charge you for fixing things over the phone.  Phone support is much more difficult than onsite support.  Rest assured though, if it is quick and easy, we probably won't charge you a dime.  Its our call though.  You would be surprised by how many people think we like to be on our cell phone for hours helping them.  We do like it - but we would be cheating ourselves if we didn't charge for our time and labor.  If we are talking technical we are technically billing.  Don't say we never told you : )

Reasoning: We fix technology.  That is what we do.  We super don't like to do it over the phone because it is not only harder but it is way harder.  And many times having YOUR eyes in front of the computer is not the same as having OUR eyes there.  Something we might notice right away we will never "see" over the phone so the troubleshooting process is like - almost exactly like - pulling teeth.  We don't like to pull teeth any more than we like our teeth pulled.  If we stay on the phone two hours with you it is very close to a tenth of a monthly cell phone plan so our charge should include 150/10 = $15.  Or, God forbid, we run over our limit and have to give up our houses and sell our kids.

Connection Possibilities

  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. Snail mail (not really)
  4. Skype
  5. Remote access
  6. Onsite visit
  7. Starbucks
  8. You name it!
  9. Within reason
  10. Mental Telepathy

In all cases TechWorks is driven to help you.  If fact we will even drive to where you are to help you.  Such a deal!


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