TechWorks works!

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What We Do   --------->   IT

In a word: Everything.  We're not kidding.  TechWorks does IT all.  Whatever you need, whatever you want, we are here to help you do the things you need to do.  Technology comes simple for us because it's all we do and we enjoy doing it.  We don't cook, we don't do plumbing, we do IT.  All of IT! TechWorks Unlimited Incorporated.  We just love technology!

How We Do IT

TechWork's goal is simple: to make your systems rock solid.  Technology started out as the way to make things easier and better but then IT was abused and overcomplicated. We want technology to work for users, not against them. We design systems to run day in, day out, every day. When we're done you won't have problems all the time.  Our clients go months without calling us about problems. They don't have to. Really. Instead they call to say what a great job we did. We like that!

Why We Do IT

  • Technology has been given a bad rap.  We want to change that. We want you to like your computers again.
  • Some, if not most, IT companies want to sell you bells and whistles when you don't really need them.  Instead TechWorks is driven to simplify technology for our clients providing exactly what they need, and no more.
  • We like to KISS things.  Not our clients of course but  technology-wise.  We employ the "Keep It Super Simple" philosophy because IT is so easy to overcomplicate.
  • We are too honest for our own good. That makes us dif- ferent than some (if not most) of our competition.  They sell complex systems which fail a lot so they can bill you.  We think that's downright dishonest.  They don't!
  • Whether its PCs, Macs, software, networking, wireless, internet, email, printers, scanners, blue teeth, or iThings - we just make everything work, together, without constant babying. That's what we like and what we do!

Techworks Unlimited Incorporated.  Try us.  You'll like us!


See the two guys above?  They are happy.  They are waxing poetic about TechWorks  Unlimited; specifically about what a superb job we do for their companies.  They're glad they can concentrate on their work instead of their constantly failing computer systems.  Who can blame them for being pleased?




Look at the group below.  They are not happy.  Fact is they are steamed!  They use some other IT company and have ridiculous problems all the time.  Plus their IT bill is huge.  It is sad isn't it?  We feel sorry for these depressed looking individuals.